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Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 12:48:38 CDT

Yes, we will handle provisionals. It's not in the BRP, but I've
written materials I'm edit for posting later that show how to do this.

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At 10:02 AM -0700 8/6/04, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:
>Hello All:
>Would the OVC EVM aid in the casting of provisional ballots? I
>could see a routine, when triggered somehow, that marks across the
>face of the ballot PROVISIONAL and prints out the proper affadavit
>language for the voter to sign.
>I understand that the voter puts their provisional ballot into an
>envelope. Typically what happense to the envelope after that? Is
>it placed (envelope and all) into the ballot box? I could see this
>decreasing the likelihood that these provisional ballots would get
>Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>Arthur Keller <> wrote:
>"You talk about testing with real bullets, this is going to be
>testing election reform with real ballots."
>- DOUG CHAPIN, executive director of a nonpartisan election watchdog
>group, on provisional voting.
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