Re: Move to North Dakota if you really want a secret ballot, or ....

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 11:50:23 CDT


> I think that the right of the members of a political party to
> organize outweighs the right to privacy here. ....
I think you've miscast the issue. Most countries don't have voter
registration. A lack of government maintained voter files does not abridge
the right of a political party to organize.

What we're really against is voter disenfranchisement. If a voter wants to
vote in a primary for a partisan candidate but is afraid to vote because
someone might detect their party, then you have a disenfranchised voter.

> In California and in
> many states, a person with a bona fide political purpose can get a
> list of registered voters marked by party.
Yes, and these files contain such things as birthdate. Since the files are
easily available and sometimes misused, some people that would like to vote
don't register because they don't want this information floating around.
Again, we see voter disenfranchisement.

Also, voter files are often used to select people for jury duty. This is
wrong, imo, and also causes voter disenfranchisement.

> As you may know, the issue of open vs. closed primary is very much an
> unsettled issue here is California, with various laws and initiatives
> taking us in different directions. The systems we build should
> support whatever the jurisdiction decides. ...
Fine, I wasn't suggesting otherwise.

> As this is really a political question orthogonal to the voting machine
> issue, I think we should not take a position one way or another.
I wasn't floating this as a possible OVC position (or was I? ... not
consciously anyway). It's an interesting issue. I was just saying what I
think, namely, that the main result of voter registration is voter

Alan D.
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