Re: Move to North Dakota if you really want a secret ballot, or ....

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 11:50:10 CDT

At 9:33 AM -0700 8/5/04, Alan Dechert wrote:
>Sorry I didn't make that clear. I am not talking about adding databases. I
>am suggesting that the "eligible-to-vote attribute" and "voted" attribute be
>added to the existing statewide database where DLs and IDs are already kept.
>From the state and county govenment perspective, you'd have one less
>database, namely, the voter file.

Linking voting to the driver license and ID database seems more big
brother-ish, than having the Registrar of Voters know whether I'm a
Democrat or Republican.

So, picture this: You're driving down the freeway and a cop pulls you
over for speeding, and asks, "Why didn't you vote in the 2004
presidential election?" He adds. "Now, we're stuck with <fill in the
blank>, so I'm going to give you a ticket."

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