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Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 10:04:34 CDT

Of course, there have been cases (in open primaries) where people voted in
the primaries of parties they oppose in order to promote candidates that
they thought would lose in the general election. So there are plenty of good
reasons for parties to want to control their membership.

On the topic of IRV, I don't see how it leads to proportional
representation, since no matter what the voting mechanism, the result is
still "winner take all".

Admittedly, IRV would allow for more parties to campaign more effectively,
because it would eliminate the (strong) argument that a vote for a third
party is a wasted vote. IMO that's a good thing, as IRV makes the winner
more representative of the voter's intent when there are more than two
parties campaigning. For example, in the US a Democrat or Republican would
almost certainly still win virtually all elections, but it would eliminate
the effect that "spoiler candidates" have had in subtracting votes from the
"closer" candidate and throwing the election to the "further" candidate, as
has happened for several recent presidential elections. So Pat Buchanan
voters could be assured that they weren't helping elect a Democrat, etc.

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