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> The Election Reform Information Project at the University of
> Richmond is a 50-state initiative addressing a 2002 federal law
> that requires every state to meet wide-ranging mandates for
> election reform. is a key source of credible,
> comprehensive data and analysis for policy makers, election
> officials and journalists on whether and how each state is
> meeting those mandates, and which approaches are proving most
> effective. In addition to tracking the states’ efforts, the
> project publishes policy briefs on such federal mandates as
> provisional voting and voter-identification requirements, and
> project personnel meet with state, county and local officials,
> providing them with the information they need to make good
> choices when implementing reforms. Because voting practices and
> procedures are complex and certainly one solution does not fit
> all, the project does not advocate for specific changes. Rather,
> it seeks to advance state policy by guiding decision makers on
> important issues and best practices in election reform.
> 2004 Grant Guidelines
> Advancing Policy Solutions
> Other Policy Issues
> The Trusts constantly seek ripe policy opportunities at both the
> federal and state levels. We have three current areas of
> involvement: medical liability, death penalty reform and
> election reform. For more information on these three state-based
> projects, contact Susan Urahn and her staff. Call 215.575.4755;
> write c/o The Pew Charitable Trusts, 2005 Market Street, Suite
> 1700, Philadelphia, PA 19103; or e-mail
> Other potential areas for the Trusts' policy investments--both
> at the federal and state level--are currently being explored. We
> will share information on these new directions on our Web site
> and in our publications as they come to fruition.
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