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The Election Reform Information Project at the University of
Richmond is a 50-state initiative addressing a 2002 federal law
that requires every state to meet wide-ranging mandates for
election reform. is a key source of credible,
comprehensive data and analysis for policy makers, election
officials and journalists on whether and how each state is
meeting those mandates, and which approaches are proving most
effective. In addition to tracking the states’ efforts, the
project publishes policy briefs on such federal mandates as
provisional voting and voter-identification requirements, and
project personnel meet with state, county and local officials,
providing them with the information they need to make good
choices when implementing reforms. Because voting practices and
procedures are complex and certainly one solution does not fit
all, the project does not advocate for specific changes. Rather,
it seeks to advance state policy by guiding decision makers on
important issues and best practices in election reform.

2004 Grant Guidelines

Advancing Policy Solutions
Other Policy Issues

The Trusts constantly seek ripe policy opportunities at both the
federal and state levels. We have three current areas of
involvement: medical liability, death penalty reform and
election reform. For more information on these three state-based
projects, contact Susan Urahn and her staff. Call 215.575.4755;
write c/o The Pew Charitable Trusts, 2005 Market Street, Suite
1700, Philadelphia, PA 19103; or e-mail
Other potential areas for the Trusts' policy investments--both
at the federal and state level--are currently being explored. We
will share information on these new directions on our Web site
and in our publications as they come to fruition.

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