RE: WHAT THE DEMO WILL DEMONSTRATE --voting methods, tabulation, and on-screen ballot

From: Arnie Urken <aurken_at_stevens-tech_dot_edu>
Date: Wed Aug 27 2003 - 22:47:35 CDT

1. n of m voting is common for many Boards, particular for smaller
districts. This includes city councils, school boards, water, fire
and park districts. But NOT cat catcher.

Some political caucuses and professional organizations use a straight
approval method where a voter could approve of all or none of the choices.
Even with n of m, where n<m, we should have a policy to take account of a
voter choosing none of the m choices. I suggest having a hidden field (no
preference indicated) that is submitted along with the rest of the voter's
data. The voter would be shown the "no preference indicated" submission
along with other votes and would be presented with the option of going back
to express a preference.

Sound reasonable?

2. Vote tabulation is not necessarily simply adding up of precinct
votes. At least for absentees, voters might make mistakes, ballots
might get damaged and there might be other reasons that ballots need
special handling. Fortunately, votes from DREs should be close to
error free. Still, there needs to be a way for a small number of
votes to be added to the database. I don't see any reason for votes
to be subtracted.

I strongly recommend that Slocum or some other election official be
consulted about the need for manual handling of ballots, especially
absentees and provisionals.

This sounds like a good idea.



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