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From: Douglas W. Jones <jones_at_cs_dot_uiowa_dot_edu>
Date: Mon Aug 25 2003 - 10:17:28 CDT

On Monday, August 25, 2003, at 09:02 AM, Matt Shomphe wrote:

> At 08:18 AM 8/25/2003 -0500, Douglas W. Jones wrote:
> These scanners should have display screens and
>> also text to speech capacity.
> TTS (text-to-speech) for names (e.g., saying a write-in-candidate) is
> appallingly poor.

Indeed. So, for write-ins in most states, it should read
the name by letters.

In Florida, however, write-ins are only legal if they are
write-in votes for a registered write-in candidate, so text
to speech there can be the same as for the regular candidates,
checking against a list of known candidates and then regurgitating
the known phrase.

All this is moot for the first demo, though.

                                Doug Jones
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