From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sun Aug 24 2003 - 16:13:21 CDT

Doug wrote:
> And what about multilingual ballots? Not that any other voting systems
> do this well, but how do you give full support to Arabic, Chinese, Greek,
> Hebrew, Russian, Thai and other non-western alphabets for write-in races.
> The law, as it stands, is fairly loose about this -- basically, the issue
> hasn't been thought through. If the law really insists on giving equal
> treatment to voters, no matter what language they are literate in, then
> all current systems are insufficient.
I have suggested that the production system be built from the ground up with
the international market in mind. We will certainly have to handle
write-ins in other character sets (although I don't know how many or where
in the world write-ins are allowed).

For the demo, I think we stick with plain upper case English alphabet.

Time permitting, maybe we could support accented characters. I thought that
maybe we could have a shift-button labelled "Accented Character" whereby
when depressed, you'd get a list of accented characters dropping down when a
character is selected on the keyboard. Then you could select the accented
character from the list.

--Alan Dechert
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