Re: Proposed Electronic Ballot Image Format for

From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sun Aug 24 2003 - 16:06:59 CDT

Doug wrote:

> Particularly in a prototype, there's no reason to worry about compact
> data formats.
I disagree with this. The bar code is essential for meeting requirement #7.
I don't know any cheap bar code system that could accommodate a 150
character string.

The record format I describe may be crappy -- and I don't think it will be
they way the production system will look. But we have to have something
that will work for the demo. Your average reporter will not beat us up in
the newspaper because we combined plain text with 7-bit encodings of binary
data in the data file.

If you are advocating no compression then I think you should accompany that
recommendation for a bar code system -- including reader -- that we can
afford to use.

Alan Dechert
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