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Date: Fri Aug 22 2003 - 16:11:30 CDT

    Alan> More than 25 million PCs are retired every year in the USA alone
    Alan> -- this is over 2 million per month, which is less than the number
    Alan> required for all voting booths in the country....

    Alan> In other words, the voting machine PC would probably only be used
    Alan> once it its life as a voting machine. This eliminates the need to
    Alan> store the voting machines and it also means that voting machines
    Alan> will be constantly updated. The PCs you vote on in 2008 might be
    Alan> PCs newly installed this month at some large organization.

I understand now. A small number of machines chosen at random for one-time
use from a large number going off-lease (or whatever) makes it difficult to
predict ahead of time which machines will be used as EVMs.

    Alan> The radio buttons for the County Commissioner race should remain
    Alan> as radio buttons. In this case the radio buttons would not be
    Alan> individually selectable but would indicate the position of the
    Alan> order of selection.

>> I'm not sure I understand how this would appear to the voter. If I
>> select Wally first, Sally second and Fred third, will the order of
>> names change or will a number be displayed next to each choice? ...


    Alan> The sample mock ballot is here:

Got it. (Dunno if you want to correct it the spelling of Philippe Kahn's
name at this point or not...)

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