From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 20:09:33 CDT

Okay, David. I'll get that to you shortly. Probably I'll just clean up a
few typos for the first draft.

Alan Dechert

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> |Are you sure CVS is the right place for this? I thought that was for
> |code. What about the Document Manager? Doesn't that have similar
> |change history features?
> I second Skip's suggestion, BTW. I don't much care which part of the
> sourceforge page the document goes to, as long as it appears fairly
> prominently. The mailing list is good to discuss revisions, but
> sourceforge is more "official."
> FWIW, I'm also not too familiar with CVS and sourceforge's interface. I
> know Skip has used it as python-dev contributor, and I'm sure other
> members have also. But the last revision system I used extensively was
> PVCS, and a number of years ago at theat.
> Oh... to Alan, if you send me the exact version of the document you want
> to upload, I'll quickly convert it to APT. I'll generate the
> HTML/PDF/etc versions too, if you wish. There's probably not much more
> involved in such conversion than indenting paragraphs by at least one
> space, but maybe I'll make something a title or a link, if appropriate.
> Yours, David...
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