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>> To do so, we'd need a governance structure for spending the money. ...
>I have been working on the possibility of establishing the "Open Voting
>Consortium." This might be the appropriate governing body that could being
>accepting contributions, memberships, etc.
>We need to figure out how to get this established. I have some ideas on
>that but I need some people to take it on.

I think there are very real costs associated with putting on the
demo, such as PCs, monitors, building some wooden platforms. We're
probably talking about less than $10K, but who will put up this
money? It's not clear that the OVC should currently be the governing
body for spending the money that will be raised for putting on this
demo. I would suggest if someone wants to donate money that we pick
a fiscal agent to accept the tax-deductible funds. We discuss
potential expenditures on this list and achieve consensus on those
items. We shouldn't have too much problem getting a fiscal agent if
there are people who actually want to donate money.

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