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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sun Aug 17 2003 - 16:39:15 CDT

Comments interspersed.

At 1:05 PM -0700 8/17/03, Alan Dechert wrote:
>I agree with all 12 points (I am glad there were 12) Arthur has written.
>I did not think that GPL could be written into the proposal. Partly, my
>[incorrect] reasoning was based on one a discussion with Karin McDonald of
>UCB's Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS). She felt UC would be more
>demanding. I did not really get into this subject with Director Bruce Cain.

It can be written into any proposal, if the University admins who
approve the proposal will let you.

>On point #10: In our 2 May 2001 proposal, we (Prof. Henry Brady, Dir of the
>Survey Research Center) explicitly wrote in non-University employees as
>consultants. In fact, around half the money (~$425,000) would have gone to
>those consultants. That was a different funding strategy entirely, of
>course, as it was supposed to become a line-item in the state budget. I
>suppose NSF projects would have different requirements.

It is possible to hire consultants on NSF-funded projects, but one
must be careful in doing so. With respect to any people paid either
as employees or as subcontractors or consultants, the usual rule is
that only those specifically mentioned in the proposal as working on
the project can be *newly hired* or *subcontracted to* without a
search. All others generally have to go through a open search or an
open bid process. That issue essentially makes it difficult to hire
a bunch of consultants to do major work. However, I wanted to set
the expectation that people should not expect to get paid in the
future, but it might be possible to work something out in the future.
I try always to be careful in setting expectations that I do not
promise what I am not sure I can deliver.

>That said, I'm not sure we should put all our eggs in the NSF basket. Let's
>try for other funding sources as well.

Agreed. They are a good first target, though.

>Alan Dechert

Best regards,
Arthur (usually the only Arthur on a list)

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>> 10. Those people who worked on the demo might be able to continue
>> volunteering with the NSF-funded project. However it is most likely
>> that only those employed by an institution participating in the
>> proposal could actually get paid. I don't want to rule anything out
> > in terms of participation at this point.

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