Re: Money, democracy, and transparency

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> Dear Anand Pillai,
> MOTIVES Perhaps you are confusing me with Alan C. Kay, called by some the
> "inventor of the pc." My principle motive is to make the world a better
> place, using my own background, knowledge, experiences, and talents to the
> best of my abilities. Yes, I do enjoy working on these matters, both
> or with competent and friendly collaborators who with me or separately
> evaluate, and/or confirm worthy social innovations and, after rigorous and
> thoughtful review, screening, and testing, seek to introduce them to the
> world. My website explains all this, ....
You're just a fun guy, in other words. Aren't you Alan?

There are now three "Alan"s on this list, BTW. non-ALANs BEWARE!

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