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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sun Aug 17 2003 - 09:59:23 CDT

At 7:31 AM -0700 8/17/03, Alan Dechert wrote:
>The Open Voting Consortium (OVC) will be the vehicle by which the system is
>delivered. The OVC itself will be a non-profit (really a trade
>organization -- 501c(6) organization). The OVC members will include people
>that make money doing this work (voting system delivery). I will also
>propose that the OVC include government membership. Members pay to be
>members like any other consortium. The consortium engages in activities
>like other consortia. The success of the OVC will not depend on its ability
>to deliver a system that costs nothing. The success of the OVC will depend
>on its ability to deliver a voting system that is better and cheaper than
>what we have now (and what is projected to exist in the near future).
>EVM project members need to realize there is a lot of money involved here.
>We're all volunteers right now. Some of us may find a money-paying role in
>the OVC. Some of us may find a money-paying role in the development of the
>production software. There are no guarantees. It's, like, up to you.

I agree with Alan's statements in his reply. I've excerpted some
here. The OVC is a trade organization that includes *service
providers* of the production software we create. I suggest that the
OVC include standards of conduct and performance for *service
providers* to become members. Under the terms of the proposed GPL
license, OVC members (or non-members for that matter) could use the
software for free and could sell installation and maintenance
services to election boards. Competition would exist for such
services in price, quality, and "localness." My objective is to set
up an environment for supporting voting software that is along the
lines of support for Linux, except much more service-oriented. The
big difference is that typical computer jocks can download and
install Linux while the typical election official wants to issue a
contract for performing the "systems integration, installation, and
maintenance" work.

Hope this clarifies things.

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