Re: Re[2]: EVM Homepage template available for inspection

From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Tue Aug 12 2003 - 09:58:25 CDT

 "Matteo Giacomazzi" <>

> Yes, this is only a test to "tune" the HTML+CSS. Really, I'm not sure
> if the announce is the right thing to publish or if you prefer to
> write something different just for the homepage (maybe it is more
> appropriate?).
For now, I would go with the announcement. We can change it when we have a
reason to do so.

> Furthermore, I was thinking if we'll need:
> - a "calendar" of events about the topic of "electronic voting
> systems";

I'm not sure about that. We are only planning one big event -- set for
mid-October -- that is be for the public. The other calendar events we
might have are not really of general interest. If we have a calendar, I
think it would be about milestones, meetings, and such for internal use by
EVM project participants.

> - some kind of "news display" (not just a ticker, we don't want
> Javascript or Java in our pages and we want that the whole site is
> accessible from everyone).
In case you missed it, I wrote this in response to Anand.

     This would involve some maintenance as new stories relevant
     to our project are coming out quite often.

     David Dill has a column "Important Announcement"

     He also has a "News & Press" link. Our content might be
     pretty much the same as these. Maybe we can dynamically
     copy these links (with David's permission)?

How much work would it be to copy Dill's "Important Announcements" and his
News & Press links (assuming he says okay), and retain the ability to add
our own announcements?

Thanks again for your efforts, Matteo.


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