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From: Skip Montanaro <skip_at_pobox_dot_com>
Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 16:31:48 CDT

    Matteo> I'm completely ignorant about "Instant Run Off Ballots"...

    Doug> The basic idea of IRV (or "choice voting" or "ranked preference
    Doug> voting") is that if no candidate gets a majority, candidates can
    Doug> pick up additional votes depending on how many times voters had
    Doug> them as their 2nd place, 3rd place etc. choice. This eliminates
    Doug> the spoiler role, although it also changes the complexion of
    Doug> voting in other ways.

    David> To elaborate slightly. IRV lets voters pick an ordered list of
    David> candidates. The tabulation goes through several rounds of
    David> calculation, until one candidate gets a majority.


This is fascinating, though no doubt a little off-topic.

    David> However, all styles of tabulation (by mathematical proof--not
    David> given here, but it exists) produce results that are intuitively
    David> "wrong" in some cases, IRV included. For example, suppose you
    David> have these ballots:


Intuitively, it seems that in an election with a large number of voters the
scenario you describe would be much less likely to occur than in an example
as you described which has sort of "club size" numbers of ballots cast.
Does the math support my intuition?

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