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From: Matteo Giacomazzi <giacomazzi_at_programmazione_dot_it>
Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 14:02:56 CDT

Hi Alan,

AD> Should we include a way to contribute $ at our site, as this
AD> fellow suggests?

AD> Alan

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AD> Subject: Voting project

AD> Please consider accepting small donations through a PayPal account
AD> or similar. A large number of small donations can quite easily sum
AD> to a significant contribution.

It could be a good idea: if not for "funding" pourposes, we could
measure how much people "believes" in this project!

AD> Also, please consider supporting so called Instant Run Off ballots
AD> in your implementation.

Can anybody shed some light on this topic?
I'm completely ignorant about "Instant Run Off Ballots"...


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