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Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 11:15:54 CDT


Enclosed is what I have so far been able to write on the
specifications. Unfortunately, I have discovered as I started looking
into the writing of these specifications that to do the job well would
overextend my time commitments. While I am still interested in helping,
I think that it might be best to allow someone who has time to spend on
a regular basis to do that portion of the job. I would still like to
contribute code or review on narrowly defined tasks that I can
accomplish within specific timeframes.

In fact, after coming to grips with the amount of documentation that
will eventually be required, I would argue against having any one
person be assigned the task of writing the docs. I think that a
formalization of some of the discussion would be more fruitful for the
project, less burdensome on the members, and would ultimately make the
project more likely to succeed -- as any system would need to be
documented in excruciating detail to be accepted.

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