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From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 18:47:44 CDT

> "Alan Dechert" <> wrote:
> |The ballot for the demo will be static. The mock up I've designed
> |represents a normal sized ballot. Some ballots will be larger and will
> |have to go on multiple pages. We are not concerned about this for the
> |demo. The demo is designed to give the voter the look and feel of
> |voting on our system.
> Oh dear! I hope this is a mis-phrasing.
Maybe I can clarify. Down a paragraph or so you said "static image." This
is not what I'm talking about. I only intend to demo one ballot. This
particular mock ballot has 13 races and, with 116 bits of data plus
write-ins and ballot id information.

We also have to show the ballot in more than one language. And, we'll show
how the voter can select a "larger type," in which case the ballot will be
on multiple pages.

Actually, the most important thing in the demo is the printout. On top of
that, we have to show how disabled voters can use the printout to verify
their selections while retaining ballot secrecy. This is an important part
of what our system will do, ultimately.

As discussed in our 7/31 meeting, the requirements document will lay out as
much as possible everything our voting system will do. We only have the
time and resources to demo some of the features.

More details about what we want to demo are available in the Usenet
threads and in the archives of this mail list.
> I recognize that some security, tabulation, procedural, and other issues
> cannot be addressed in the demo.
Right. The development of the production system is a very large project.
We have to focus on what features we think are most important to demo.
We're working on the requirements and then we can go through and talk in
more detail about what features are feasible and useful to include.

Alan Dechert
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