Re: Re[2]: Digest of QA/Developer Lead Discussion

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 16:27:04 CDT

"Matteo Giacomazzi" wrote:
|> I'm think I'm pretty lost...
|> What I understand here, is that the number of candidates won't change
|> from election to election and, furthermore, that every election has
|> always the same number of races... is it right or I misunderstood the
|> meaning of your words?

"Alan Dechert" <> wrote:
|The ballot for the demo will be static. The mock up I've designed
|represents a normal sized ballot. Some ballots will be larger and will
|have to go on multiple pages. We are not concerned about this for the
|demo. The demo is designed to give the voter the look and feel of
|voting on our system.

Oh dear! I hope this is a mis-phrasing. If all we want to show off is
the look of the sample ballot (which I think has mistakes anyway, in the
several ways I posted earlier), we should just photocopy it and glue it
onto the front of a piece of glass.

Sure the demo is not the final thing, but I think it absolutely must be
more robust than simply displaying a static image. Or even just
displaying a static image where a couple boxes flash.

At the minimum, a demo should allow for an arbitrary configuration of
candidates and races. And should utilize at least "best guess"
architectural choices... not things that cannot be changed, but also not
things that are DESIGNED TO BE wrong. I would not object if the demo
only had one interface design (i.e. button styles, fonts, line styles,
etc)... but even there I do not think we should hardcode it per se. We
may discover things that need to be different for legal or political

I recognize that some security, tabulation, procedural, and other issues
cannot be addressed in the demo. But I cannot imagine the demo serving
to sell anything, or attract any grant money, if all it does is show
that someone knows how to draw a picture of a ballot. (FWIW, I've sat
through way too many embarrassing sales pitches as a hapless developer,
where my bosses were trying to sell a picture of an application... I
think it's almost on the plus side that no one ever bought their BS; and
perhaps to my discredit that I attended more-or-less voluntarily).

Yours, David...

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