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> Hi Alan,
> >> The number of candidates?
> >>
> AD> Yes, I want the mock up followed in these details. Actually, we
> AD> may change some candidate names or other details. We need to think
> AD> carefully about what names we use. For example, I avoided the
> AD> names of current politicians. People need to be able to vote on
> AD> the demonstration system with other people observing. So, we don't
> AD> want to force people to reveal too much about political
> AD> preferences -- they need to be comfortable with the list. I tried
> AD> to include blacks and women in the list of candidates. Probably,
> AD> we need to edit the list to include some Asian and other
> AD> minorities. The contests need to be light but not totally silly.
> I'm think I'm pretty lost...
> What I understand here, is that the number of candidates won't change
> from election to election and, furthermore, that every election has
> always the same number of races... is it right or I misunderstood the
> meaning of your words?
The ballot for the demo will be static. The mock up I've designed
represents a normal sized ballot. Some ballots will be larger and will have
to go on multiple pages. We are not concerned about this for the demo. The
demo is designed to give the voter the look and feel of voting on our

We are not working on the production software. The software we develop for
the demo will be thrown away. All sorts of things (hard coding) will be
acceptable for the demo that would never fly for the production system. All
of the work we are doing will serve to support the larger study which we
hope will get some funding in the fall. At that time, we will start on the
production system (and studying all sorts of other issues).

This project should feed into the Requirements and Specifications for the
production system. Again, the software will be discarded.

The production system will be vastly more complicated. We will try to make
the Requirements as complete as possible (with the production system in
mind), but only a few of the requirements will be demo-ed.

Does this make sense?


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