Re: Re: Digest of QA/Developer Lead Discussion

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 21:59:49 CDT

"Alan Dechert" <> wrote:
|> For example, I've had a couple telephone conversations with Alan. I
|> think he would feel his privacy was infringed if I were to post audio
|> recordings of those. ....

|Respectfully, David. This is completely another issue.

It really strikes me as almost exactly the same thing. The list members
do not need to know exactly where in our telephone conversation I
mentioned my partner had come home, or when the neighborhood kids rang
your doorbell. It's not that those things are secret conspiracies...
it's just that there's absolutely no reason for anyone else to give a

Obviously, if you or I were being interviewed on the telephone, a
different set of expectations would apply. But neither a normal
telephone call nor a normal IRC chat is by any reasonable standard an
interview. IRC is the opposite of Usenet, not an extension of it.

If there was something of general interest that came up in our call, I
might post a summary or question to the list. Actually, I did that in a
way when I got the list archive online, which was something we
discussed. But what I posted used a reasonable degree of filtering.
Not every word we said, but the fact it exists, how I did it, and an
invitation for members to suggest improvements.

Likewise, it seems like Matt and Anand did exactly the same thing--and
very properly so. They talked about GUI libraries to choose from, and
the XML data formats, and a little about the general architecture. Then
they ran all those ideas by the list as a whole, and invited comment on
them before the decisions went forward. If they happened to share a few
thoughts on their personal lives, or how they felt about programming
technologies, or whatever, I really have no need or desire to know that.
I trust Matt and Anand, and Matteo, and all the rest of the developers
to make reasonable decisions about what needs to run by the list, and
what is purely noise from our perspective.

|I guess I'd go for the transcript only going to management (Doug, David,
|Adrianne, Alan, and Arthur) but I really don't see any reason it shouldn't
|be public.

Well... I have no desire to be included in such a transcript mailing.
It just doesn't do me any conceivable good to have that.

Yours, David...

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