Re: Re: Digest of QA/Developer Lead Discussion

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 20:12:37 CDT

At 1:25 AM +0530 8/10/03, Anand Pillai wrote:
> > 2) I would like to have the entire dialog copied to the list. We want to
>> see who is saying what, exactly. This takes no time at all -- just cut
>> and
>> paste and send. No editing.
>I have reservations about this. People might talk about other things
>than just the EVM project in chats. Copying and pasting would probably
>disclose some information which the chat participants would not like
>to divulge to a wider audience, elite they may be as the participants
>in this esteemed list.
>I have no problems with creating a digest, and I am ready to spend
>that time online. I can cite another four technical reasons at least why
>the chat dilaog should not be copied. Here are some of these.

A digest is fine. An edited summary is a good alternative. If no
one wants to create that, then send out the unedited text. I'd
rather read the digest or edited summary anyway.


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