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From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 19:05:39 CDT

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> |> Alan, although I understand wanting to know the details of the
> |> copying & pasting makes the message kind of incoherent. I'm fairly
> |> scattered in meetings, so random stuff can be interjected. I would
> |> have a digest/summary of the meeting than the actual text. ...
> "Alan Dechert" <> wrote:
> |Fine. Then produce a digest or summary. I want the text too, however.
> The more I read in the thread, the less appropriate I think it is to
> post whole conversation transcripts.
> For example, I've had a couple telephone conversations with Alan. I
> think he would feel his privacy was infringed if I were to post audio
> recordings of those. ....
Respectfully, David. This is completely another issue.

In fact, if you had made it known to me in advance that you wanted to record
our discussion and make it publicly available, I would have been glad to do
it. I have been recorded lots of times for radio shows and such.

Your example may be somewhat relevant to where I posted the dialog with
Anand. But notice that I asked Anand if it was okay to post (although after
the chat). True, the discussion is hard to follow but I note that Matteo
quoted something from there once.

The bug meetings between the QA Lead and the Lead Developer are a completely
different situation compared with our phone conversations. They are
conducting the business of the project and should know that what they come
up with will be published.

> Or even if he wouldn't, *I* certainly would. It's
> not that either of us have anything to hide... but a telephone
> conversation has a different tone than a list post (and sometimes goes
> into side matters or small talk). Btw. it's hypothetical... I don't
> record my telephone conversations, neither with Alan nor any one else
> :-) (but maybe John Ashcroft does).

> An IRC chat is a lot like a telephone conversation, as I perceive it.
Again, I have no problem with this except that it's different if you know in
advance that it will be recorded and broadcast.

I want the full text of the dialog for the bug meetings between the QA Lead
and the Lead developer (and others that may join). And, I want these
meetings announced in advance so that others can join if available and so
inclined. I'm not asking for a lot of lead time -- 8 hrs should be good

I guess I'd go for the transcript only going to management (Doug, David,
Adrianne, Alan, and Arthur) but I really don't see any reason it shouldn't
be public.

Alan Dechert

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