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> Hi Matt,
> MS> Alan, although I understand wanting to know the details of the
> MS> dialogue, copying & pasting makes the message kind of incoherent.
> I completely agree with you: while chatting is a kind of
> brainstorming, we could pretend that the e-mail messages follows other
> rules, giving all the readers/writers more time to think and more time
> to read. They are not "involved" into the chat, so it's hard for them
> achieve a good comprehension of it.
We have a lot of very smart people in this project -- very capable of
sorting through dialog and discerning what is going on.

> Furthermore, while chatting it may happens that following any idea, we
> start to talk about personal topics, and that's not of public
> interest.
Right. But here I am talking specifically about scheduled bug meetings. If
you want to have off-line discussions about anything at all with other team
members (either by chat or email or other), I have no problem with that at
all. In fact, I encourage it.

> And it will lead to an OT post, too! ;)
Again, that's fine. I am talking about bug meetings where important
decisions are being made about the direction of the project.

Alan Dechert
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