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> Hi David,
> DM> I think Alan is slightly imprecise in the spec here. *What*
> DM> exactly needs to be replicated? Does it have to be those fonts?
> DM> That kerning? Do the selection buttons need to look exactly that
> DM> way? Are those exact colors required? The number of candidates?
> DM> The line styles?
> Just a thought: couldn't we follow some of the guide-lines given by
> W3C or something else about web-accessibility/usability?
> That should work fine for the EVM interface too!
Not necessarily. In our case, here in the US of A, guidelines and rules for
ballot construction are probably going to be more important. As I
mentioned, most of these rules apply to printed ballots and the rules for
on-screen representation are pretty skimpy. But we have to take these
things into account.

> Unless there's something legal (that I obviously don't know) that let
> this thing completely forbidden.
I don't know that we could/couldn't get away with anything that is generally
considered to be "completely forbidden" by elections people. We error on
the side of caution if we make the ballot look as much as possible like what
they are used to.

Alan Dechert
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