Re[2]: Re: Digest of QA/Developer Lead Discussion

From: Matteo Giacomazzi <giacomazzi_at_programmazione_dot_it>
Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 16:20:59 CDT

Hi Matt,

MS> Alan, although I understand wanting to know the details of the
MS> dialogue, copying & pasting makes the message kind of incoherent.

I completely agree with you: while chatting is a kind of
brainstorming, we could pretend that the e-mail messages follows other
rules, giving all the readers/writers more time to think and more time
to read. They are not "involved" into the chat, so it's hard for them
achieve a good comprehension of it.

Furthermore, while chatting it may happens that following any idea, we
start to talk about personal topics, and that's not of public

And it will lead to an OT post, too! ;)

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