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Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 14:55:32 CDT

My replies below.

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> > Hi All,
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> > The following is a digest of the last discussion between
> > myself (Developer Lead) and Matt Shomphe (QA Lead).
> >
> > The discussion took place between 9:20 and 10:15 pm IST
> > (15:50 and 16:45 hrs GMT) on Yahoo! messenger service.
> >
> What date?

Saturday August 09 2003

> The digest is fine if you have the time. However, I want to see,
> 1) An advance announcement about the meeting to the list. You should NOT
> adjust your schedule in case others prefer a different time/date. The
> meeting is between Matt and Anand but let's make it so others can
> participate if they have the time.

This meeting was supposed to be just between Matt and Me. Because
of timezone differences and other reasons, it may not be practical
to expect every developer to attend the meetings. What matters
is whether decisions are taken and if the list is notified of the process
of taking those decisions.

The digest means what it says in the subject line. It was a meeting
QA and Developer leads, so it was just that and not intended for other

Of course we also need meetings that require participation of everyone.
But right now what is more important is to decide when to schedule
those kind of meetings. The QA and Dev leads can make those decisions
in their meetings. What we had today was a meeting which would
give rise to more meetings, so naturally such a meeting was limited
in its members.

Maybe I got this wrong. If you mean that the meeting announcement
should be made to the list and a time specified, so that other members
are aware of them, it is an idea I back. But then, if we dont find anyone
joining in after a specified time, what are we supposed to do, cancel
the meeting without making any decisions or re-announce the new
schedule ?

I still favor the procedure of the QA and Developer leads meeting
separately to make some decisions without going through elaborate
protocols. The other meetings could be scheduled following these
protocols. I recall that in the initial phases of the project, you had
mentioned that you wanted me(Dev lead) and Matt(QA lead) to
have meetings on a regular basis. If I am not wrong, this is
exactly what we are doing here.

> 2) I would like to have the entire dialog copied to the list. We want to
> see who is saying what, exactly. This takes no time at all -- just cut
> and
> paste and send. No editing.

I have reservations about this. People might talk about other things
than just the EVM project in chats. Copying and pasting would probably
disclose some information which the chat participants would not like
to divulge to a wider audience, elite they may be as the participants
in this esteemed list.

I have no problems with creating a digest, and I am ready to spend
that time online. I can cite another four technical reasons at least why
the chat dilaog should not be copied. Here are some of these.

1. People use Chat acronyms while chatting and this might
   be difficult to make sense of when reading a mail, since it
   is out of the context of a chat.

2. The chat usernames people use may not be exactly puritanical
    or agreeing with Queen's English. Others of the list might
    have reservations reading such dialogs. Forgive me, but this
    is a list of varied cultures and religions, some chat names could
    sound blasphemous to some people out of the context of the

3. If the chat is a technical one, there might be code pasted
    into the chat area. Is it necessary to post this into the list?
    It might be XML or python or some other language, but not
    conversational English.

4. When people interact, it is natural to ask personal questions
   in an effort to get to know the face on the other side. Copying
   chat into the dialog reveals these questions (and their answers)
   to a wide audience. Tomorrow google might cache this information
   on their servers when crawling this list on the internet.

5. Chats can be broken in between due
    to failure of servers or computer crashes. In such a case it is
    impossible to get the lost chat data since the archiving (enabled
    in some chat software) might not have cached the messages
    during the failure. There is no way to copy such chats and
    send it to the list but it is possible to create a digest as long
    as you remember what you had discussed.



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