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>Subject: Digest of QA/Developer Lead Discussion
>The digest is fine if you have the time. However, I want to see,
>1) An advance announcement about the meeting to the list. You should NOT
>adjust your schedule in case others prefer a different time/date. The
>meeting is between Matt and Anand but let's make it so others can
>participate if they have the time.

This was kind of an ad-hoc meeting. I agree that others should be allowed
to participate. So, if it's all right, let's at least have regular weekend
meetings, 9am Sat & Sun (PT).

>2) I would like to have the entire dialog copied to the list. We want to
>see who is saying what, exactly. This takes no time at all -- just cut and
>paste and send. No editing.

Alan, although I understand wanting to know the details of the dialogue,
copying & pasting makes the message kind of incoherent. I'm fairly
scattered in meetings, so random stuff can be interjected. I would rather
have a digest/summary of the meeting than the actual text. When you sent
your dialogue with Anand, I couldn't really make heads or tails of
it. It's like listening to the tape of a meeting, but with "smileys"
interjected. In addition, someone reading the text might misinterpret
something, or something that looked resolved earlier in the text is changed
later on.

I would suggest a digest/summary. Some kind of notes for the whole
meeting. If there are disputes, we can always go back to the original text.

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