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Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 12:53:35 CDT

I think this is a very good decision. Tkinter may have less of a learning
curve but I don't think the control is there. The last project I worked on
used wxWindows (C++ version of wxPython) for some of the ui framework and I
found it very effective overall. We also used XML for ui specification, but
unfortunately only for specifying within a propietary widget system that ran
as a canvas on top of wxWindows frames. I'm guessing there must be a
standard XML parser for python also, no? I'll take a look at the


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> Hi All,
> The following is a digest of the last discussion between
> myself (Developer Lead) and Matt Shomphe (QA Lead).
> The discussion took place between 9:20 and 10:15 pm IST
> (15:50 and 16:45 hrs GMT) on Yahoo! messenger service.
> We decided that the EVM project will use wxPython
> as the GUI toolkit and not tkinter. The decision was made on
> some of the grounds listed below.
> 1. wxPython gives the UI the native platform look and feel.
> Tkinter gives a uniform look on every platform.
> 2. Widget support: wxPython apparently supports more
> widgets thatn tkinter.
> 3. Mailing list support: The wxPython community has a very
> active mailing list located at comp.soft-sys.wxWindows.
> There are 3rd party widgets available, most of them
> with the source included. I can say this from my experience
> with a wxPython program I have created. The developers
> of the API answers the queries very actively. I could not
> find that kind of support for tkinter. Robin Dunn, the chief
> developer recently got a six months contract from OSAF
> for working on wxPython/wxWindows (November 2002).
> (This should have expired by now)
> 4. Porting: It is easier to port wxPython code to wxWindows/C++
> later on if the need arises to port our application to C++, than
> to port tkinter code to some other C++ GUI API.
> 5. Platform support: wxWindows runs on the following platforms.
> Platform Port
> 1. Windows(3.1, 95/98, NT/2000, ME) Windows Native
> 2. Linux Using GTK+
> 3. Unix GTK+ and
> Motif/Lesstif
> 4. Mac OS Mac Native
> 5. OS/2 *Under Work*
> 6. WinCE *wxUniversal*
> 7. Other Embedded *wxUniversal*
> (The APIs marked with '*' indicate work under progress)
> 6. Tools Support: Many including XRCed, Boa Constructor.
> There is also the wxDesigner project and wxWorkshop
> (under work).
> 6. Expertise: Last but not the least, there are developers
> with wxPython/wxWindows experience in our group. I myself
> have written a 8000 line wxPython application and developed
> two other apps, an editor and an imageviewer in wxWindows/C++.
> I will be doing the initial wxPython port of the code written by Matt
> in tkinter. This will be updated to CVS immediately after it is done.
> We also decided that the GUI layout should be based on XML data,
> which would make the layout extremely flexible. The application
> will read the XML upon starting up and layout the GUI elements.
> It was suggested to initiate the discussion with David Mertz as the
> technical advisor on the design of this XML/GUI interface. Matt has
> already initiated this discussion.
> It was suggested by me that the input data (candidate information)
> should also be in XML format. I will be doing this for the first wxPython
> port based on a basic DTD. We need David's help and advise here also
> to fine tune the XML and come up with a very flexible and usable
> design.
> Matt suggested to fine tune the output XML and I agreed to look into
> this problem.
> Based on the above decisions, I will be publishing the DTDs for the
> XML input/output to the CVS tree. I request the other developers to
> go through it and give their feedback once it is done.
> XML parsers were mentioned in the discussion. I suggested PyXML
> and Matt suggested the gnosis.objectify module written by David.
> We need to arrive at a decision here looking at the nuances of each.
> It is clear that we need a validating parser so the choice of expat
> parsres in python standard library is out. This is a big design decision,
> so we request the valuable inputs from other developers and scientists
> in this group.
> Matt agreed to query Van about uploading the documentation to
> the EVM project page.
> We also discussed about the status of bugs in SF. There are two
> right now. Matt is looking into resolving one and I am working on the
> other. If you want to know the details mail me or Matt.
> That is all!
> Thanks
> Anand
> PS: I am CCing a copy of the digest mails to Alan/Matt/Arthur/David
> and Adrianne. So you will be getting two copies, one from the list
> and the copy. If you would rather recieve one copy only, do let
> me know.
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> Anand Pillai
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