Digest of QA/Developer Lead Discussion

From: Anand Pillai <abpillai_at_nospammail_dot_net>
Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 12:22:39 CDT

Hi All,

      The following is a digest of the last discussion between
myself (Developer Lead) and Matt Shomphe (QA Lead).

The discussion took place between 9:20 and 10:15 pm IST
(15:50 and 16:45 hrs GMT) on Yahoo! messenger service.

    We decided that the EVM project will use wxPython
as the GUI toolkit and not tkinter. The decision was made on
some of the grounds listed below.

1. wxPython gives the UI the native platform look and feel.
   Tkinter gives a uniform look on every platform.

2. Widget support: wxPython apparently supports more
    widgets thatn tkinter.

3. Mailing list support: The wxPython community has a very
   active mailing list located at comp.soft-sys.wxWindows.
   There are 3rd party widgets available, most of them
   with the source included. I can say this from my experience
   with a wxPython program I have created. The developers
   of the API answers the queries very actively. I could not
   find that kind of support for tkinter. Robin Dunn, the chief
   developer recently got a six months contract from OSAF
   for working on wxPython/wxWindows (November 2002).
   (This should have expired by now)

4. Porting: It is easier to port wxPython code to wxWindows/C++
   later on if the need arises to port our application to C++, than
   to port tkinter code to some other C++ GUI API.

5. Platform support: wxWindows runs on the following platforms.

       Platform Port

   1. Windows(3.1, 95/98, NT/2000, ME) Windows Native
   2. Linux Using GTK+
   3. Unix GTK+ and
   4. Mac OS Mac Native
   5. OS/2 *Under Work*
   6. WinCE *wxUniversal*
   7. Other Embedded *wxUniversal*

   (The APIs marked with '*' indicate work under progress)

6. Tools Support: Many including XRCed, Boa Constructor.
    There is also the wxDesigner project and wxWorkshop
    (under work).
6. Expertise: Last but not the least, there are developers
   with wxPython/wxWindows experience in our group. I myself
   have written a 8000 line wxPython application and developed
   two other apps, an editor and an imageviewer in wxWindows/C++.
I will be doing the initial wxPython port of the code written by Matt
in tkinter. This will be updated to CVS immediately after it is done.

We also decided that the GUI layout should be based on XML data,
which would make the layout extremely flexible. The application
will read the XML upon starting up and layout the GUI elements.

It was suggested to initiate the discussion with David Mertz as the
technical advisor on the design of this XML/GUI interface. Matt has
already initiated this discussion.

It was suggested by me that the input data (candidate information)
should also be in XML format. I will be doing this for the first wxPython
port based on a basic DTD. We need David's help and advise here also
to fine tune the XML and come up with a very flexible and usable

Matt suggested to fine tune the output XML and I agreed to look into
this problem.

Based on the above decisions, I will be publishing the DTDs for the
XML input/output to the CVS tree. I request the other developers to
go through it and give their feedback once it is done.

XML parsers were mentioned in the discussion. I suggested PyXML
and Matt suggested the gnosis.objectify module written by David.
We need to arrive at a decision here looking at the nuances of each.
It is clear that we need a validating parser so the choice of expat
parsres in python standard library is out. This is a big design decision,
so we request the valuable inputs from other developers and scientists
in this group.

Matt agreed to query Van about uploading the documentation to
the EVM project page.

We also discussed about the status of bugs in SF. There are two
right now. Matt is looking into resolving one and I am working on the
other. If you want to know the details mail me or Matt.

That is all!



PS: I am CCing a copy of the digest mails to Alan/Matt/Arthur/David
and Adrianne. So you will be getting two copies, one from the list
and the copy. If you would rather recieve one copy only, do let
me know.


  Anand Pillai
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