Re[2]: EVM Webpage template

From: Matteo Giacomazzi <giacomazzi_at_programmazione_dot_it>
Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 15:21:28 CDT

Hi David,

DM> I don't think browser versions should be considered at all,
DM> actually. I just think it ought to pass the validation check at:


DM> And should comply with US Section 508 Guidelines for accessibility
DM> (the WCAG seems obnoxiously picky, and is more strict):


I agree, w3c validator and bobby are good tools for this pourposes.

DM> Oh, please no ECMAscript/Javascript requirements. I think I've yet
DM> to find two browser versions that do the same thing with any given
DM> script.

DM> Heck, if you want an example of a nice looking site that is
DM> Javascript-free, and is easily navigable, look no farther than:


DM> :-).

Sure, but I was talking about a working demo, and if someone can use
and play with it without waiting for different pages to load... well,
maybe s/he would be happier! :)

"Click and response" is better than "Click, wait, wait, wait, wait,
and response"! ;)

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