Re: EVM Webpage template

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 14:08:40 CDT

Matteo Giacomazzi <> wrote:
|Because, in the second case, I would avoid Java as server-side

I agree with Matteo. I'd be happier with basic static pages for the EVM

|Well, I can see only two main areas: the navigation bar on the left
|and contents on the right but I counted 18 tables on that HTML!!!

And here... there were probably too many tables on the sample page. The
overall look is nice, but you can get a similar effect with simpler HTML.

|Anyway, we should find a target for our site. How many "old browser"
|should we support? What about the "accessible web" (WCAG etc)?

I don't think browser versions should be considered at all, actually. I
just think it ought to pass the validation check at:

And should comply with US Section 508 Guidelines for accessibility (the
WCAG seems obnoxiously picky, and is more strict):

|I would say that we could support only IE6, Netscape6/7 and Mozilla as
|well as any *standard* browser with *standard* DOM support and
|*standard* ECMA-script support.

Oh, please no ECMAscript/Javascript requirements. I think I've yet to
find two browser versions that do the same thing with any given script.

Heck, if you want an example of a nice looking site that is
Javascript-free, and is easily navigable, look no farther than:


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