Re: EVM Webpage template

From: Matteo Giacomazzi <giacomazzi_at_programmazione_dot_it>
Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 14:00:38 CDT

Hi Anand,

AP> This is regarding the EVM project homepage at SF.
AP> I would like to propose the following site as a possible candiate
AP> template.


I guess I misunderstood your meaning: do you wish to follow its
"guideline" as layout and style or do you suggest to use this tool as
"template engine"?

Because, in the second case, I would avoid Java as server-side

AP> It uses a simple site layout with a table for navigation on the
AP> left and a neat style sheet. It does not use DHTML (is my guess).
AP> But the site design looks simple and elegant, apt for the project.

Well, I can see only two main areas: the navigation bar on the left
and contents on the right but I counted 18 tables on that HTML!!!

Anyway, we should find a target for our site. How many "old browser"
should we support? What about the "accessible web" (WCAG etc)?

AP> Of course variations are welcome, perhaps a template using DHTML
AP> for the links on the left, so it looks a bit alive.

Using CSS we can give it some life, no problem. In case someone is
using a full-textual or a pretty old browser, we don't have to worry:
the site will be "readable" (...accessible...) anyway.

AP> The content ? For starters, this might be ok

AP> 1. History/motivation behind the project
AP> 2. Key people involved and links to their homepages/websites
AP> 3. Papers published on electronic voting systems.
AP> 4. Links to similar projects on the internet.
AP> 5. Links to events happening related to electronic
AP> voting.
AP> 6. Technology behind the project and related links
AP> 7. List archives of discussions - links
AP> 8. Last but not the least, links to the programming
AP> language of choice.

AP> I have requested Matteo to look into this task since he has some
AP> experience in web design and is nifty with HTML/DHTML/CSS etc.

More interesting for me (quoting Alan):
> ajdechert: I just want the demo done soon and it should look really
> reallly good. It needs to work standalone, and we need a version
> people can try out via the web.

I'd like to develope its GUI. IMHO, everything should work on the
client-side only (except, maybe, the language translations that could
be provided via XML). BTW, here the accessiblity is a great issue, if
we want to support _all_ the browsers!
I would say that we could support only IE6, Netscape6/7 and Mozilla as
well as any *standard* browser with *standard* DOM support and
*standard* ECMA-script support.

What do you think about this?

Many thanks!

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