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From: Anand Pillai <abpillai_at_nospammail_dot_net>
Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 13:42:21 CDT

This is regarding the EVM project homepage at SF.
I would like to propose the following site as a possible
candiate template.


It uses a simple site layout with a table for navigation
on the left and a neat style sheet. It does not use
DHTML (is my guess). But the site design looks simple
and elegant, apt for the project.

Of course variations are welcome, perhaps a template
using DHTML for the links on the left, so it looks a bit
alive. But I think we dont need any dynamic pages.

Also lesser the graphics the better. This site uses almost
none except the OSI stamp at the end which I like anyway!

The content ? For starters, this might be ok

1. History/motivation behind the project
2. Key people involved and links to their homepages/websites
3. Papers published on electronic voting systems.
4. Links to similar projects on the internet.
5. Links to events happening related to electronic
6. Technology behind the project and related links
7. List archives of discussions - links
8. Last but not the least, links to the programming
    language of choice.

I have requested Matteo to look into this task since he
has some experience in web design and is nifty with

Expect more updates.


  Anand Pillai
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