Dialog with Anand

From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 12:39:22 CDT

anandpillai6: hi alan
ajdechert: Thanks again for your work. I just read your emails.
anandpillai6: all right
anandpillai6: I think a roadmap need to be set up for developers
anandpillai6: we should have a developer community chat some time
ajdechert: What topics do you want covered in the roadmap?
anandpillai6: when do we target for alpha release
anandpillai6: 2. what features would alpha release have
anandpillai6: 3. Do we need to port the application to work on a different
anandpillai6: These are some basic questions
anandpillai6: We need to decide on the data format for the ballot ... it is
ajdechert: Alpha release should be "feature complete." Not necessairly all
working perfect but everything should be there for alpha.
anandpillai6: right
anandpillai6: The question here is what is 'everything'
anandpillai6: We need a product development specification... a PDS
anandpillai6: It will list the hightlights for a release, the tools needed
for it and the developes who are doing the work
anandpillai6: developers i mean...
ajdechert: we started on a format for the electronic ballot image. You can
read it in the archives. I figured that as part of the specification. I'm
not sure how the PDS is different from what I mean by Specification.
anandpillai6: It will be the same
ajdechert: okay, the same
anandpillai6: Only that we will write it in a format and publish it on the
project page for developers to see
ajdechert: Van is working on that. You might ask him to post what he has so
anandpillai6: The roadmap is basically the time chart for the specifications
anandpillai6: I have 5 years of experience in product development. I am
saying it from that
ajdechert: Okay, I think you are talking about the PERT chart. Adrianne is
doing that.
anandpillai6: So far I have worked on about 20 releases
ajdechert: That's impressive.
anandpillai6: Yes the formal name is PERT chart
ajdechert: I worked on 9 commercial products at Borland and Intel.
anandpillai6: cool
anandpillai6: Did you get to work on Borland C++ ?
ajdechert: I worked on the dBASE products. DOS and Windows
anandpillai6: Ok
anandpillai6: Matt shomphe is online
anandpillai6: do you want a conference?
ajdechert: okay
Yahoo! Messenger: You are now logged into voice conference -
anandpillai6: hi
ajdechert: I don't have a mic handy. Your voice is breaking up.
anandpillai6: we need not talk I think
anandpillai6: I was just testing the mic anyway
ajdechert: Is Matt here?
anandpillai6: I can see him in my buddy list
anandpillai6: I invited him also... he should be here anytime
ajdechert: Like I was telling Matt, I once interviewed for a QA Lead
position with Netscape. After a long discussion about testing philosophy,
they asked, "what if the product has shipped but the specification is not
anandpillai6: Ok
anandpillai6: You were the interviewee or interviewer?
ajdechert: Interviewee
anandpillai6: ok
anandpillai6: What did you say?
anandpillai6: Matt tells that he is busy... I just IMed him
ajdechert: I acknowledged that the documentation often lags the product with
the RAD model.
anandpillai6: right
ajdechert: They should match, eventually.
anandpillai6: Welll.. for the last 4 months I have been working on creating
an OO framework
anandpillai6: for my company...
anandpillai6: They are very specific on documenting whatever we do
ajdechert: What does your company do?
anandpillai6: I have created some 5 prototypes and about 5 documents for
each prototype
anandpillai6: Totally I must have created some 20 documents, 20 ppts and
countless UML diagrams in last 4 months... The habit sticks on I guess
ajdechert: Adrianne is supposed to do the PERT chart with MS Project and
export to PDF
anandpillai6: Have you heard about the Dassault Aviation?
ajdechert: no
anandpillai6: All right... have you heard about the Mirage aircrafts?
ajdechert: fighter jets?
anandpillai6: Right
ajdechert: you make 'em?
anandpillai6: The company Dassault Aviation (France) makes them
anandpillai6: I work for their software division, Dassault Systemes
ajdechert: I see.
anandpillai6: They have this product called CATIA which is a mamoth software
written on top of C/C++/COM and CORBA
anandpillai6: I am one of the Framework developers there ... i write OO
frameworks on top of C++/COM and CORBA
ajdechert: We're glad you have some time for our project.
anandpillai6: I am finding time... because I like python
anandpillai6: And your project sounds like a great idea
ajdechert: It is a great idea, all modesty aside.
anandpillai6: I wanted to ask you one thing
ajdechert: okay
anandpillai6: I was searching for voting project in google and came up on an
Alan Dechert who proposed the idea of year 0 for the Y2K problem
anandpillai6: Like year 2000 => Year 0
anandpillai6: he even has an idea for a martian calendar
anandpillai6: Are you the same alan?
ajdechert: That's one of many extracurricular projects I've worked on. I
invented a calendar for Mars too, yes.
ajdechert: But the year zero idea was not proposed as a Y2k solution.
anandpillai6: All right. I guessed so
ajdechert: I am founder of the Green Democrats too.
anandpillai6: Yeah I saw that link also
anandpillai6: So all the links I got there point back to you
ajdechert: I invented the Human Federation concept, which ironically was
picked up by electronic games and comics. Try a search on "Human
Federation" (in quotes).
ajdechert: I am the author of an essay on civil religion that has been used
in university courses as suggested reading.
anandpillai6: You are a multifaceted personality ALan
ajdechert: Yea, many faces. Some even serious.
ajdechert: try a search on civil religion. My essay usually comes up no 1.
anandpillai6: ok i will do that
ajdechert: http://www.go2zero.com/rlinks.htm
ajdechert: have a look at my links page.
anandpillai6: You are programmer, developer, consultant ,QA specialist,
inventor ... and piano player right?
ajdechert: right, I have a degree in Music from UC Berkeley. I'm just an
artist, not really a technologist.
anandpillai6: oh....
anandpillai6: That is even more impressive
ajdechert: Thank. And you? What else besides software?
anandpillai6: I am basically a language dabller
anandpillai6: I mean dabbler
anandpillai6: I like to learn new programming languages... almost every
other day
anandpillai6: Actually I started learning python less than a year back
ajdechert: excellent!
anandpillai6: But I have started 2 open source projects, written a program
which is used by some companies in India and now your project
anandpillai6: In python
ajdechert: The demo will be seen 'round the world.
anandpillai6: I hope so
anandpillai6: I hope it gives an impetus to my projects
ajdechert: It will
anandpillai6: Thank you
ajdechert: Anyway, let's hassle the others to get with the docs. Adrianne
for the chart and Van and Ed for the requirements and specification. They
need to get something posted. But let's not wait to get some code written.
This is RAD model. We can always work on getting discrepancies ironed out.
anandpillai6: ok
anandpillai6: I had a suggestion alan
ajdechert: okay
anandpillai6: I am pretty good in a toolkit called wxPython
anandpillai6: One of the python projects I told you -> Is an imageviewer
entirely written in wxPython
anandpillai6: I can port Matts code to this toolkit
ajdechert: Will it help to give us control over the screen?
anandpillai6: Currently it uses tkinter
anandpillai6: I cannot give you a real sound reason for this... but I think
we need to implement our solution on two different UI toolits
anandpillai6: toolkits
anandpillai6: So that the we can iron out any deficiency in one using the
ajdechert: I haven't done anything in Python. I think you should conference
with the other developers.
anandpillai6: You dont have any objection in having another implementation
anandpillai6: I think it will help us.
anandpillai6: I am pretty good in wxPython... I can handle that part almost
ajdechert: I just want the demo done soon and it should look really reallly
good. It needs to work standalone, and we need a version people can try out
via the web.
anandpillai6: Ok... then this idea can be pushed back
anandpillai6: To a future release
anandpillai6: Trying out via the web... are we talking of using browsers
ajdechert: Whatever you think is best. The target date for the demo is
mid-Oct remember. If possible, I'd like to get it done even sooner.
anandpillai6: We have to get some web experts to work on the second idea...
anandpillai6: The stand alone part is easier one
anandpillai6: The other one involves some issues like online security
ajdechert: Remember the code here is throw away. The demo project will
mainly serve to define the requirements of the larger production project.
anandpillai6: ok
ajdechert: http://home.earthlink.net/~adechert/ucvs-proposal.rtf
ajdechert: the larger project is described here
anandpillai6: I think David Mertz can help in identifying security issues on
the web interface
anandpillai6: I will take a look
ajdechert: Okay, but it's not very important for the demo
anandpillai6: thats nice to hear
anandpillai6: Because my strong point is not on the web interface...
ajdechert: We have some others with expertise -- we can get more
anandpillai6: When do you want the development to start... i mean latest ?
ajdechert: Last week
anandpillai6: Last week?
ajdechert: well, asap
anandpillai6: I uploaded the initial code up there today
anandpillai6: I will have to wait for Van to give the requirement specs
before taking the next step
anandpillai6: On the development I mean...
anandpillai6: Once we get.. I will call for the developer meeting and hand
out tasks
ajdechert: With the RAD model I have in mind, elements of the requirements
and specs can emerge from working through the issues database.
ajdechert: In other words, take the issues I''ve mentioned in the bug
reports and hand out assignments.
anandpillai6: Your bug reports on sourceforge right?
ajdechert: right
anandpillai6: ok fine
ajdechert: as soon as you start addressing those, I will write more -- many
ajdechert: Let's get some iterations going
anandpillai6: cool.
anandpillai6: I will start on those bugs then
ajdechert: that's RAD
ajdechert: Great
anandpillai6: Rapid Application Development right
ajdechert: right
anandpillai6: RAD it is..
ajdechert: How about I copy this dialog and send it to the list?
anandpillai6: Good idea
anandpillai6: I back it
anandpillai6: You mean that you send the digest of this discussion
anandpillai6: You mean that you send the digest of this discussion
ajdechert: the whole discussion
anandpillai6: Copying as such... may be... I got no problems
ajdechert: I was going to mention that yesterday. You wrote a nice summary
of your discussion with Matt. I think that might be too time consuming.
Just cut and paste the raw dialog.
ajdechert: Let it all hand out.
anandpillai6: Be sure to cut out the smilies alan
ajdechert: the smilies don't show in the text
anandpillai6: cool.

-- Alan Dechert

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