Voting Suit Gains Momentum

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"Voting Suit Gains Momentum"
Wired News (08/05/03); Glasner, Joanna

A lawsuit that questions the constitutionality of computerized
touch-screen voting machines is moving to an appeals court, at a time
when the reliability of such systems is a topic of heated debate.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco will hear oral
arguments in the case of Riverside County, Calif., resident Susan
Marie Weber, who sued the state in 2001 for allegedly trampling on
citizens' constitutional rights by deploying touch-screen voting
systems that do not furnish paper ballots. Weber claimed that the
terminals are more susceptible to fraud than other voting systems, a
charge that voting machine manufacturer Sequoia Voting Systems
contested. The U.S. District Court for the Central District of
California ruled that Weber "presented no admissible evidence to
support her claim that the use of the AVC Edge System [made by
Sequoia] by Riverside County effects differential treatment of voters
or vote dilution" some 11 months earlier. Weber says the appeals
court originally turned down her request for a hearing, but may have
reversed its decision when other plaintiffs and their advocates
supplied many documents buttressing her case. Members of recommend the implementation of computerized
voting systems that print out vote records in order to ensure an
accurate count. California's current secretary of state organized a
task force to consider the security ramifications of touch-screen
voting machines earlier this year, but the group failed to agree on
whether paper ballots should be a standard feature of such systems,
according to a July report. Counties in California and elsewhere are
feeling mounting pressure to overhaul their voting systems, and the
campaign to recall Gov. Gray Davis only adds to their burden.,1367,59898,00.html
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