Requirements document

From: VanL <vlindberg_at_verio_dot_net>
Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 17:25:19 CDT

I have been asked to come up with a requirements document for EVM.
However, I am unsure at what level I should write or to what level of
detail, I should go.

For example, requirements documents can be written at a high level
(naming and generally describing the different parts of a system) to the
most detailed level (coding standards, API requirements) and everywhere
in between. We will probably need every level of documentation at some
point, so I a slightly unsure of where to start.

That said, starting is necessary somewhere, and so I propose working
from the general to the specific. The first document (primary doc) will
name and generally describe the high-level functioning of the system.
This will then be posted for comment, clarification, and change. Upon
general approval of the primary doc, moderately high-level documents
(secondary docs) will be written about each of the main parts of the
system identified in the primary doc. Each secondary doc will reference
by name the portion of the primary doc that it is expanding upon. Upon
completion of the secondary docs, tertiary docs will be written.

This will continue until the group feels that the requirements have been
completely specified.

I invite everyone in the group to comment; if this plan is acceptable
to everyone, the primary doc draft that I have been working on will be
posted thereafter.

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