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Date: Sun Apr 19 2009 - 17:05:22 CDT
Jim Tobias wrote:

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I'm glad that someone has fleshed this out. This is yet another way in which hand-filled paper ballots (possibly counted by properly-supervised machines) are superior to machine-created ballots. It's much cheaper and easier to accommodate voters by setting up more tables, privacy shields, and pens than it is to do so using machines (which have not only to be purchased, but to be securely stored and maintained). This advantage is especially pronounced during an unexpected surge in turnout, since card tables, privacy shields, and pens can be purchased or fabricated on election day, while machines usually cannot (or, at least, cannot be purchased or fabricated securely on such short notice).

I'm sure you're suggesting hand-filled paper ballots for voters without disabilities.  (Just trying to remind everyone....)
Yes, and possibly also for voters whose disabilities can be well-accomodated by non-computational assistive devices like magnifying bars or glasses, adjustable lighting, or something like the Vote-PAD. That leaves some (probably modest) set of voters who (at present) can vote independently only when assisted by some computational device.


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