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>> Sec Brunner expressed an interest in details of how our recommended statistical audit would
>> be handled in practice (compared to a Tiered audit).

Do you think Secretary Brunner would be interested in the Targeted Audit Recount strategy, where
the lion's share of precincts to be audited would be selected by the losing candidates or nominated
by the public?

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There's a big difference between a demonstration program and a production quality system that can handle any ballot as well as an election management system for specifying those ballots and aggregating the results from precincts.
The OVC demo illustrates what an open source system can do.  It's not production quality, nor is it federally certified.
That being said, I'd like to see progressive Secretaries of State, such as Ohio's Brunner and California's Bowen, get together to jointly commission the development of a production quality system.
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At 5:35 AM -0400 4/22/08, Ron Olson wrote:
I think most (or probably all of us) would like to see proprietary vendor hardware/software replaced with open source systems.
My understanding is that Sec Brunner will not force voting system changes unless there are funds to replace them.  Although open source would be less expensive that vendor systems, they still take time and money.
In addition to a demo, a BOE would probably want
         some information on how they would implement the ballot printer
         what kind of PC & printers will work
         who could support them
         who else is using them (references)
Is information like that available?
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Ron-  Great work-    As usual, I hope you are mentioning your support for open source systems-  Specifically the ballot printer downloadable here-
It is crucial we get the first count correct-   Audits are great, but obviously without a secure first count we are up against the wall from the get go-
Also, certification of the systems is not appropriate with proprietary code-  SOS JB knows this-  Please vocalize your support for OS-
Best-  BT
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Members of the SoS's VRI workgroup on Voting Technology (along with some audit experts) gave a presentation on the Ohio Audit White to Sec Brunner and staff members on April 17.
The presentation can be found here:
The white paper is here:
Cost estimates based on 2004/2006 are here:
The presentation was well received and questions/discussion continued for about hour beyond the presentation.
Sec Brunner expressed an interest in details of how our recommended statistical audit would be handled in practice (compared to a Tiered audit).
We expect to continue working on recommendations for November audits, possibly including recommendations for
         procedures for a statistical method for selecting precincts
         the Observer Directive to make sure observers are not just watching from a distance
         BOE security plans
         Chain of custody audits
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