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>Subject: [OVC-discuss] Brazil Open Source Voting
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>Subject: Brazil Open Source Voting
>Tuesday, April 15, 2008
>Brazil Open Source Voting
>Filed under: Election Protection ? by Joyce Cole @ 5:06 pm
>Brazil is light years ahead of the US in alternatives to petroleum based
>fuels (plus they just found an undersea source of lots of the sticky
>goo) and now
>they are showing the way in election protection.
> > All open source and in-house developed software will be digitally
>signed and
>> all loaded software will may be verified at voting places by inspectors at
> > any time to check against tampering.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board employed just such inspectors to
check for tampering of slot machines. Unknown to the inspectors, the
device they used had been modified by Ron Harris, another Gaming
Control Board employee, to install code in the slot machines so that
a certain unlikely sequence of bets would produce a payoff. Harris
stole nearly $50,000 over four years, and was caught only because he
got greedy and won a $100,000 jackpot in New Jersey

No doubt the Brazilians have taken steps to prevent their inspectors
from introducing the very corruption they're intending to detect....


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