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New Jersey Department of State Disputes Vote FindingsApr 14, 2008, News Report

The New Jersey Department of State last week issued the following statement
on the reported findings of Princeton Professor Ed Felten concerning Sequoia
voting machines used in the Feb. 5 presidential primary:
The Department of State offers its unequivocal support for Bergen and
Gloucester counties on this matter. Election officials have our strongest
backing, and we are working together to guarantee that the public has accurate
information and the highest confidence in our voting process.
We want to stress there is no court order requiring any county to release
voting machines to the plaintiffs in the Gusciora case.
On the issue cited
by Professor Felten on his blog that states there were voting machines that recorded more votes than voters, we have worked with the two counties involved to verify that the number of votes cast are in fact equal to the number of voters who voted on those machines.
It was noted in the blog that one machine from Gloucester County recorded
three votes for Ron Paul. However, county records only show two votes, which is
consistent with the overall vote count.
In the case of the Bergen County machine, which was alleged to have
registered 49 votes for Hillary Clinton, in fact there were 48 votes recorded.
Unfortunately, it looks as though Professor Felten rushed to judgment and
released a statement that is inaccurate. A misreading of the tape appears to be
the source of Mr. Felten's error.
The Bergen County Superintendent of Elections and the Gloucester County Board
of Elections, after a thorough review of this matter, have assured us there is
no discrepancy whatsoever in the vote tallies. We have the highest degree of
confidence in the professionalism of these county offices and their commitment
to protecting the voting process.

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