Re: Write In to overt Voting tabulation Fraud

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Date: Sat Apr 12 2008 - 15:33:58 CDT

Every state and locality I've heard of counts only "qualified"
write-in candidates. It wouldn't be practical to try to interpret
random chicken scratches as they arrive, so a list of qualified
write-ins is distributed to the precincts with the ballots.
The abuse comes when write-ins with clear intent are ignored for
a minor misspelling, or because they were written in the wrong
box, etc, and when the write-in list isn't made available.
If you misspelled a write-in, California used to spoil your
whole ballot, but they don't do that any more.

It's one of those places where the tension between the local
major party machine (Dem, here) and democracy manifests.
There's no requirement that they *post* the write-in list,
because that would never get through the legislature, but
they have to make it available to any voter who asks for it.
We (Greens) check when we have a qualified write-in, and
that list is hardly ever available at the polling place.
The Dem machine tries very hard to get its people to do
poll worker duty, and those poll workers consistently
"misplace" it. Sometimes they just tell you there aren't
any qualified write-ins, or there's no such thing as write-ins.
The War Party really doesn't like write-ins interfering
with its machine.

Ralph Nader qualified as a write-in for President in CA and CT
in 1992. I happened to be on the logic and accuracy observers
panel in this county in '94, representing the Green Party, and
we asked the Registrar about it. He told us the most popular
non-qualified write-ins for President had been Mickey Mouse
and Ralph Nader, by far, for at least the last twenty years. He
speculated Ralph had qualified because he was curious about
that tally, and it was the only way to get it.


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