Re: Ranked Choice Math

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sat Apr 12 2008 - 13:56:18 CDT

Thanks, Charlie. Well, we may have to deal with this in the not-too-distant
future. I had a conference call with the board of elections for Takoma Park
MD on Thursday evening. I walked them through our demo over the phone (they
had a laptop and projector in their room).

Our demo uses Ping's voter interface code ( IIRC, his interface
can rank up to three choices (the demo ballot does not include a ranked
choice contest). I was kind of hoping they would only allow ranking three,
but in the conference call, one of the board members quoted their charter
where it seems to say any number may be allowed. Our 2004 demo did include
a ranked choice contest and we allowed as many as the number of candidates
(8 counting write-in).

Anyway, Takoma Park may want to use our system and they don't need federal
certification (for local elections in quite a few states, cities use
whatever system they want without regard to state/federal certification).

I agree that approval voting would be better, but if I get a go-ahead there,
we'll need to give them software that will process the rankings however they

I think we agreed early on that OVC would be neutral on voting methods. It
does put us in a position of feeding the Tower of Babel.


> my 2 cents.

> Instant Run-off voting might possibly be the worst possible way to
> do ranked preference voting.
> it's flaws include:
> 1) [...]

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