Re: Rebuttal to Dill's support for HR811 on oped

From: Nancy Tobi <ntobi_at_democracyfornewhampshire_dot_com>
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 07:19:13 CDT

I have asked FairVote about hand counting IRV races and they have not yet
provided any substantive responses other than to say they think it can be
done. Well, I am sure it can be done, but I'd like to see what method is

My reference to the computer literacy test is rooted in the story told by
the midwest SoS, which is referenced in the piece. He stated that ordinary
citizens can no longer run their own elections in his state.

I should explain at this point, I think, that I support and applaud the
efforts of OVC, and I consider your efforts part of the patriotic tapestry
of citizen engagement in saving our democracy.

I remain open minded and agnostic as to which combination of open and
transparent processes belong in our elections, and I trust our local and
state level citizenry to make those determinations across the nation once we
rid ourselves of the corporate masters and the coronation commission at the
federal levels.



On 4/28/07, Arthur Keller <> wrote:
> At 11:37 AM -0400 4/27/07, Nancy Tobi wrote:
> Avery bright voting rights activist in California stated to me the other
> night, "we did away with the literacy test as a right to vote a long time
> ago!"
> <>
> *And we will fight just as hard to do away with the computer literacy test
> embedded in our current technoelection nightmare, embraced and supported by
> HR 811.*
> With all due respect, this notion of a computer literacy test is
> misplaced. The question is not whether you will have computers in the
> process, but how much. It is unlikely that the totals for each precinct
> will be aggregated to produce county totals by hand. Or that county totals
> will be aggregated to produce statewide totals by hand.
> Finally, I have not been convinced how you would do instant runoff voting
> for Los Angeles County, say, or the Governor of California without using
> computers in the tallying process at all.
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