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From: Nancy Tobi <ntobi_at_democracyfornewhampshire_dot_com>
Date: Sun Apr 15 2007 - 12:46:16 CDT

"I support the objective of election accountability, and am committed to
ensuring that American voters have complete confidence in our country's
voting systems," Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said. "However, after
hearing from state and county election officials from across the country, I
am concerned with a Washington one-size-fits-all approach that could
disenfranchise disabled voters and create unrealistic and costly
requirements on state and local jurisdictions."

April 12th article in The Hill

Anyone in his district? Would be nice to have his constituents contact him
and ask him for help in killing the bill in favor of something more simple
and manageable (

He should hear some reinforcing support from CA constituents ASAP. You might
point out the EAC Gopher Bash too - centralized control is anathema to the
Republicans. Let him know the activists on their side on this one.

Other resources he can be pointed to:

Nancy Tobi
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Legislative Coordinator, Election Defense Alliance

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