Re: AB 2097 -- Proposed Amendment

From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Apr 19 2006 - 21:52:29 CDT

On 4/19/06, Alan Dechert <> wrote:
> Did you follow the 3/29 Bowen hearings with the labs (Systest and Wyle
> showed up)?
> The so-called federal certification process is a complete disaster. I want
> the state to opt out of this process ASAP. I have been lobbying for this
> for some time now.

I did follow that... good stuff. I definitely think CA could take an
important role in the standards process that wouldn't be as glacial as
the feds.

> > First, regardless if this is a smart thing to do, doesn't
> > HAVA require federal certification for systems used
> > in federal elections? .....
> >
> No (I am pretty sure). Federal certification is required for systems
> purchased with HAVA funds.

You're right. One wrinkle: The only tie in from HAVA to the standards
is the part on Error Rates (42 USC 15481(a)(5) (or 301(a)(5)) that
says "The error rate of the voting system in counting ballots
(determined by taking into account only those errors which are
attributable to the voting system and not attributable to an act of
the voter) shall comply with the error rate standards established
under section 3.2.1 of the voting systems standards issued by the
Federal Election Commission which are in effect on the date of the
enactment of this Act."

best, Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
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