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From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue Apr 18 2006 - 20:14:09 CDT

Just in case any of you aren't on our announcements list ... here is what I
just sent out:

Dear Friends of Open Voting:

Our landmark bill passed its first test today. Industry and election
officials lobbied hard against our bill, but they didn't get any votes today
in the Assembly Elections Committee. Two Republicans abstained.

We couldn't have a better Legislator to work with on this bill.
Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg was great. Big thanks Bob Reid and the rest
of her staff. Another big thank you to Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL guy
( ). He came all the way from San Francisco to

It was a much longer hearing than expected. Our testimony was brief, and
then committee members asked a whole lot of questions.

I have to go to a meeting now so I don't have much time for details. I'll
write something up later. I just want to get this announcement out and say
thanks to everyone that has supported our work. It made all the difference.
There is no way we could have gotten this far without your help.

FYI here's McPherson's opposition letter:

Here's an outline of my testimony:

Thanks again!

Alan Dechert
President, Open Voting Consortium

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> Actually, it was the California Assembly Committee on Elections and
> Redistricting, not the full assembly.
> Best regards,
> Arthur
> At 4:18 PM -0700 4/18/06, Joseph Lorenzo Hall wrote:
>>Alan just called to say that AB 2097 has passed the CA assembly... -Joe
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